On Sunday 14th November the Devon County Masters team were competing at Millfield in the regional round of the National Inter County Competition. 

The afternoon provided some very exciting racing and at one stage there was only one point dividing the two leading teams. 

 However, after the final event Devon had managed to creep ahead of Gloucestershire and in doing so, reclaim the regional shield.    

                                                       MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE TEAM.

The final scores were: 

Devon       283
Gloucestershire   277
 Somerset   209
Cornwall   151
 Wiltshire  121   

Our thanks go to our four officials  who travelled to support the team on the day. 
They were, on poolside, our Devon County President, Jane Brimacombe along with Caroline Paternotte Chilton. Robert Clarke was poolside coach and Martin Walters was running the meet programme, recording and collating the results.

It will be very interesting to see how Devon have fared in the national competition, the results of which should be released within the next few days.  

The Devon team consisted of the following swimmers.


Kim Berry
Mags Bickley
Jane Bickley 
Jess Bickley
Ali Browning
Zoe Cawsey
Rebecca Jenkinson
Sam Lake
Judith McGregor Harper
Christa Page
Shelagh Ratcliffe
Charlie Smith
Hollie Steer
Katie Townsend
 Kate Veale
Katie Yardley


Warren Barrett
Michael Cuddihee
Graham Cridland
Jon Paul Davis
Dominic Garros
Peter Hayward
Matt Henry
John Holding
Tom Hughes
Rob Macey
Jamie Page
Kalon Veale
Simon Veale
Paul Russell
Neal Taylor
Nigel Travers Griffin
Rob Will

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