Return to Competition

Following Swim England’s publication of the Return to Competition (Return to Competition Document) and guidance from the Regional Licencing officer the following information has been made available.

While is this information is correct at this time you should check the Swim England website for the most recent information and Guidance.

Delivery Timeline of return

12th April 2021 – Level X restarts

26th April 2021 – Licencing reopens for Single Club Level 4 Applications only

17th May 2021 – Single Club Level 4 starts

1st June 2021 – Applications for all Licence Levels open (New Forms to be used)

21st June 2021 – All Licence Levels applications open

22nd August – Level X ends

Meet Promoters should be aware that for the reminder of this year Licencing will be restricting the number of meets that Clubs can run to a maximum of 2 each. This restriction of 2 Licenced Meets will not apply to Level 4 meets. As in previous years there are some dates which are blacked out and no other Licenced Meets will be permitted on these dates.

Currently 24/25th July and 31st July/1st August are blacked out for the Regional Festival of Swimming.

No Licence will be issued for a Meet unless it has gone through the County Licence Officer first. The Licence application process is being updated with new forms and requirements. These new forms are yet to be published by Swim England but will be available shortly. In addition to the Meet pack there will also be a requirement to include information around COVID Risk Assessments. Fuller details can be found in the Return to Competition document.

Any application for a Licence using old Forms or missing COVID information will be rejected by the Regional Licencing Officer.

Further information and updates will be published when available.

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