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Devon Masters Swimmers  

  This is a reminder that you can now enter our Devon County Masters Open Meet ( incorporating our County Championships ) so please get those entries rolling in.

The event is being held at Plymouth on 10th September, warm up is at 12.30 with racing starting at 1.00pm.   

 The programme includes:

50m 100m 200m of all strokes.

100m 200m 400m IM 

 400m freestyle


In addition, if you have anyone in your club who would be prepared to come down and officiate on the day that would be wonderful, so please spread the word with all your club officials. 

As this will not be a licensed meet we can also accommodate any young volunteers who would like some officiating practice…… please invite them to come along.  

I recently attended another masters meet which had hot heats interspersed throughout the programme. 

If possible I would like to do the same in our meet.

 If you have any companies in your area that you think would be prepared to sponsor a hot heat ‘goodie bag’ please would you send me their contact details and I will get in touch with them. 

Sue Haigh




Please note that entries for this year’s Swim England Open Water National Masters Championships 2023 are due open now. 


Key points to note are as follows:


  • Venue: Thrybergh Country Park
  • Date: 30 July 2023
  • Entries Open: 12 noon, 8 June 2023
  • Entries Close: 12 noon, 5 July 2023
  • The Entry Pack: is now published on the Competitor Information page of the event website. The published documents will outline all competition requirements and any new information/instructions, please read this carefully.  New, for 2023 are the Relay events and instructions on how to enter team/s are detailed in the Entry Pack.

Sue Haigh

Poole Masters Meet incorporating Dorset County Masters

Just a reminder about the Poole SC Masters Meet incorporating Dorset County Masters to be held at Dorchester on Sat 15th June.

Entry link is here:

Poole Masters 2024 Electronic Meet Entry (

Please forward on to any masters swimmers at your club.

Entries are now open for the Poole Masters Meet incorporating Dorset County Masters to be held at Dorchester on Sat 15th June.
Entry link is here:
Please forward on to any masters swimmers at your club.
Entries will again be accepted from temporary club compete members.
We are hoping to create a new Devon County masters swimming committee in order to oversee and make decisions on the future of masters swimming in the county.
If any masters would be interested in putting their names forward to be part of this new Committee would they please contact masters rep Sue Haigh.


After the Devon team’s great performance in retaining the regional shield on 13th November at Millfield, their points were put forward for inclusion in the National Inter County event.  

The team knew that they had put in a great performance but it was not until the national positions were revealed, we learned that Devon had convincingly won this prestigious national competition. Devon amassed an incredible 1972 points to take the championship beating Hampshire 1929.5 and Middlesex 1904 into second and third place.

It was a really excellent team performance with so many standout swims.

 Warren Barrett had an exceptionally successful afternoon putting in four stellar individual performances.  In the  35+ age group he secured three national first places with exceptional swims in the freestyle, backstroke and butterfly plus narrowly missing out on another win in the breaststroke.  He was also part of two successful relay teams that gained second place nationally.

Simon and Kalon Veale also put in very strong performances, with Simon in the 65+ age group picking up two national firsts in the freestyle and the backstroke and a second place in the butterfly. Kalon, in the 25+ age group, secured two first places in the backstroke and butterfly.  

Cameron Williams, swimming in the 18+ age group, gained two first places in the  breaststroke and the butterfly, with Fritz Dietz taking first place in the 18+ backstroke and third spot in the 18+ freestyle.

There were other great swims:  

Charlie Smith picked up a second place in the 45+ backstroke, while Emily Tyrell secured two third places in the 18+ breaststroke and butterfly. 

Tegan Drew also came third in the 18+ backstroke. 

Special mention must be made of Bill Letch,  who was persuaded out of ‘semi  retirement’ to claim fourth place in his individual event and assist with two top-10 performances in both his relay swims.

Many other swimmers took top 10 positions in their individual events:

They were Rebecca Jenkinson, Ben Winter, Kim Saddler, Sue Haigh, Kate Veale, Gareth Cowell, Emma Challis, Sonny Trigg, Darren Beer, Bill Letch, Trish Warren and Rob Holderness. 

As well as some fantastic individual swimming, Devon showed the strength and depth of its team this year by taking first place in three relays, coming second in four relays and gaining 11 other top 10 placings! 


72+ freestyle

Cameron Williams, Fritz Dietz, Sonny Trigg, Kalon Veale   

100+ medley relay

 Kalon Veale, Cameron Williams, Sonny Trigg, Rob Holderness 

72+ medley relay

Fritz Dietz, Cameron Williams, Kalon Veale, Sonny Trigg


100+ medley relay

 Tegan Drew,  Emily Tyrell,  Kim Saddler, Emma Challis 

140+ medley relay

 Matthew Mew, Rob Holderness, Warren Barrett, Ben Winter   

100+ freesyle

  Fritz Dietz, Sonny Trigg, Warren Barrett, Kalon Veale  

100+ freestyle

 Kim Saddler, Emily Tyrell,  Emma Challis,  Tegan Drew 

Full results can be found here:

PDF2022_Intercounties_events results.pdf


Devon team 2022 

Warren Barrett     Darren Beer  

 Emma Bickley Jess Bickley

Emma Challis Peter Cousens

Gareth Cowell Fritz Dietz  

Tegan Drew   Alex Goulden

Sue Haigh  Peter Hayward

Rob Holderness  Rebecca Jenkinson 

Bill Letch  Matthew Mew 

Christa Page  Jamie Page  

Katie Pateman Hannah Pullinger 

Kim Saddler Charlie Smith 

Nigel Travers-Griffin Sonny Trigg  

Emily Tyrell Kate Veale 

Kalon Veale Simon Veale 

Trish Warren Cameron Williams 

Ben Winter

 The team’s thanks go to Devon President, Jane Brimacombe, our Vice President,  Esther Rookes and Dave Avery who gave up  their time to officiate and support the team.

Also thanks goes to Robert Clark for recording the teams individual splits on the day and for selecting Emma and Sonny as his swimmers of the meet.

My personal thanks go to Kalon for his skill (and perseverance) in team selection.  

Once again many many congratulations to everyone.   

 Sue Haigh 

Devon Masters Representative


The National County Championship took place at Ponds Forge Sheffield weekend over the weekend 1st/2nd October. 

The Devon Team were excited to take part and start their campaign to regain the title they won in 2019……….and  we were putting forward an extremely strong team.

The weekend started early on Saturday morning with the long coach drive to our accommodation for the Saturday night. After supper, with the kit distributed, it was a reasonably early night for all as we had an early start in the morning. 

Breakfast was at 07.00 as our warm-up slot was 9.45……. but this was not ideal as racing was not due to start until 1.15!

Devon were  competing in Division 1 along with 19 other teams while in Division 2, 17 teams were taking part.

Just before the start of racing, team captains Leah Whittaker and Riccardo Lucarelli represented Devon in the team parade. 


During the event, Devon swimmers produced some excellent swims:


In the individual events, Flawia Kamzol gained first place in the girls 14/15 years 100 m butterfly (1.00.02) and later on in the afternoon was just tipped into second place in the 100m  freestyle (56.76).


There were also first places for Leah Whittaker (1.00.99)  and Matthew Ward (55.37) in the 16/17 years 100m backstroke, Hollie Widdows in the 16/17 100 m butterfly (1.01.20) and Fergus Thomson (57.07) in the 16/17 100 m backstroke.



Erin Little took second place in the 16/17 freestyle (54.98)  as did  two of our relay teams, the 14/15 years men’s medley team of Fergus Thomson, Stanley Partridge, Johari Masinde and Abduljabar Adama and the women’s 16 /17 years medley team of Leah Whittaker, Claire Heullou, Hollie Widdows and Erin Little.     


A special mention must be made of Reuben Murphy, swimming in the boys 12/13 years breaststroke and coming away with an amazing 5 second PB!


 Throughout the afternoon there was great team spirit and many excellent swims but unfortunately we had two team DQs which put us further down the results table then we really should have been.


In the end Kent proved to be just too strong for us this year and we settled for a very creditable fourth place.


So, well done and congratulations to the whole team .


Lotte Declerck            Toby Nakamura Drew
Lily Green               Sebastian Grenado
Claire Heullou                      Anna Huddy
Flawia Kamzol                Ellie Kennington
Blythe Kinsman                  Erin Little
Riccardo Lucarelli          Thomas Marshall
Johari Masinde           Alex Mason
Reuben Murphy           Arun Oelkers
Stanley Partridge               Dylan Reeve
Lacey Roberts            Lotta Schulze
Charles Simpson       Fergus Thomson
Hermance Vellaud           Leah Whittaker
Matthew Ward        Hollie Widdows
Lisa Zhou

The full results for Division 1 can be found here:

Division one live results



Thank you to those officials who gave up their weekend to support the team: Lynn Rayment, team manager, Alison King technical official and coaches Richard Beard, Rikki Morris and Louis Joyce.

We were also grateful for the support of the Devon County President Jane Brimacombe, and the Vice President Esther Rookes who also travelled with the team..


Sue Haigh


Devon Team Manager