Author: Derek Wyatt

Devon County ASA AGM

Dear All,

On behalf of the Devon County ASA President we hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Due to the Covid 19  we had to postpone this year’s Annual General Meeting and we will not be able to hold the event as we normally do.  This year we will be holding the AGM virtually using Zoom on Saturday 18th July at 11.00am.  If you wish to join us,  we will need the email address for the delegates from your club so we can forward an invite.

We will require  nominations for any positions within the county using the form attached, you must ensure that the nominee has declared their consent to stand for the position.  If you require any details regarding the roles and what they entail, please do not hesitate to contact myself.


The positions include president elect, officers, sub-committee secretaries, and committee members.   Nominations for positions within the ASA South West Region are also open with the schedule attached to the email. Additionally, may I ask that proposals for any rule changes are also sent to myself. Both need to be with me by 4th July 2020.    We will so be voting to adopt the new Devon County Constitution.

Please respond to my email address with your nominations and details to attend the AGM.


Any nominations for President Elect will be forwarded to the management committee for consideration prior to the AGM.

Where more than one such valid nomination is received for any position there will be an election by ballot of those attending and entitled to vote as members of Swim England.

Remember each club gets a number of votes dependant on the number of members that club has:

Up to 100 = 1 vote    100 to 200 = 2 votes            200-300 = 3 votes     400+ = 4 votes

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you at this year’s AGM

Kind Regards

Karen Adams

Hon. Secretary Devon County ASA


Devon County AGM 2020

DEVON COUNTY ASA Constitution rd 4 06052020

devon county committee roles 2020

Coaches volunteer sheets

Dear all
with entries now in for next years Championships and age groups you will all shortly be in the position of being able to  finalise your officials, coaches/team managers and volunteers.
To this effect i have attached the relevant paperwork for you. they are also on the website.
Coaches Team managers sheets as early as possible please. You do not need to confirm who is doing which days, times just who it might be, for all of events. one big list to draw form as it were.
I will forward to you all probably between xmas and new year; as on holiday until xmas, the helpers/poolside clubs rotas once Jeanette has had time to process entries.
Please remember to send Becky Bellett your officials.
Many thanks and Happy Christmas to you all.
Derek Wyatt
Devon County
Swimming Secretary

Hytek Correction

Just to let you know that the entry time on the Hy Tek system is incorrect for the boys 13 year 50m backstroke which states 40.95 it should read the same as the Devon County Entry time 39.75 (25m) 40.30(50M).

i am sorry for any inconvenience.





Devon County Championships and Age Groups 2020

2020 Devon County ASA Championships & Age Groups Programme of EventsPlease find below the entry information for Next years Devon County Champs and Age Group competitions.

Closing Date for the Distance events is Monday 9th December 2019.

All other events are Wednesday 11th December 2019. Entries by club only using the Hytek files.

Please remember that as per the conditions all entry fee payments must reach the treasurer by 7 days after the closing date at the latest or the entries will be returned.

Volunteer and team passes info to follow.

Meet Events-Devon County 2020 Championships – Age Groups-12Jan2020-001

Meet Events-Devon Championships 2020-Distance-11Jan2020-001

Devon 2020Consideration times

2020 Championship & Age Group Conditions

2020 entry form

2020 Devon County ASA Championships and age groups programme of events.pdf

Devon Licensed Meets

Dear All,

Following a request from the Regional Licence Officer – Lesley Leffers –  and discussed at this years’ Devon AGM Martin Walters will act as the Licence Co-ordinator for Devon licenced meets.

What this will mean in practice is that Lesley will not issue any licence at any level until she has had the okay from Martin.

A meet calendar for Devon will shortly be published so all clubs can see what weekends are booked by whom to avoid any clashes where ever possible. The last available information from Region is that each county will be restricted to:


  1. Counties only run in the allocated County block of weeks and to criteria
  2. Regional Competitions are run in the allocated Regional block of weeks and to criteria
  3. Each month all counties run no more than 2 x L1 or L2   &   2 x L3 or LL4 meets
  4. There is a fair and equal share of meets allocated to any club wishing to run meets. This may mean that clubs are not permitted to run more than 3 meets in total at L1-3 a year.
  5. There will be no restrictions on the number of L4 or low level 4 meets providing they aren’t in the blacked out dates already published by the Region.


The above information may be updated shortly after the next Regional Swimming Meeting. Until any further information is forthcoming from Region the above restrictions will apply from January 2020.

Any licence date requests can be sent to Martin via email  to


Devon Swimming Committee



Victory Trophy

After many years Devon County ASA is reintroducing the Victory Shield.

This award will be competed for by all clubs in the county and is inclusive of all disciplines and levels at which the clubs athletes participate.

The rules and points structure are below. Good luck to all. Entries in to Hon secretary by 31st January 2020 for 2019 year.

Victory Trophy rules 2019

Devon Qualifying Times 2020.

Good Morning all
Please find attached the Championship & Age group qualifying times for 2020.
Closing Date for entries is Monday 9th December 2019.
These are also on the County website.
As you all may have heard, we have reintroduced the 200m Age group finals for 2020.
So there will be no championship finals in the 200m events as per licencing. This is as per 50 & 100m events.
The Champion and Junior Champion will therefore be taken from the Age group Finals in all 50m, 100m & 200m events.
we hope to have the programme of events out very soon, along with all other information.
Please forward to all in your club and update me of any changes on contacts.
Derek Wyatt
Devon County ASA
Swimming Secretary

2020 Dates

We have now had confirmation of next years dates so all below for you.

Saturday 11th January 2020 17:00-21:00 Devon ASA Long Distance Gala

Sunday 12th January 2020 11:30-18:00 


Saturday 18th January 2020 12:30-19:00

Sunday 19th January 2020 11:30-18:00


Saturday 8th February 2020 12:30-19:00

Sunday 9th February 2020 11:30-18:00


Saturday 22nd February 2020 17:00-21:00 Devon ASA Long Distance event 


Saturday 7th March 2020 17:00-21:00 Devon ASA Relays 

Sunday 8th March 2020 14:00-19:00 Devon County Interclub


Devon County Developments

Saturday 6th June 2020 12:30-19:00

Saturday 13th June 2020 12:30-19:00 

Sunday 14th June February 2020 11:30-18:00

Devon County Sprints

Sunday 7th June 2020 11:30-18:00