Devon County Masters Team 2018

Warren Barrett

Darren Beer

Emma Bickley

Jane Bickley

 Emma Challis

Graham Cridland

James Dawe

Cara Deasy

Tegan Drew

Sue Haigh

Kitty Hollingsworth

Tom Hughes

Rebecca Jenkinson

Joel Knight

Bill Letch

Rob Macey

Ellie Marquardt

Alex MCcRae

Fiona Mullin

Shelagh RatcliffeAdam Reed

Niamh Robinson

Danielle Scagell

Nigel Travers-Griffin

Kalon Veale 

Levin Veale

Simon Veale

Sue Walker

Terry Windeatt

Rob WillThe Devon County Masters put in a brilliant team performance  to win the Regional round of the  National Inter-County event at Millfield on 18th November.

The team pulled out a series of excellent swims when competing against masters from Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Dorset.

 No one was able to cruise home in their races, as times  achieved on the day by individual swimmers and relay teams were collated to produce the final national result. And the quality of the Devon team was emphasised by the fact that two of its younger swimmers set new British Masters records; Niamh Robinson in the 50m breaststroke and Tegan Drew in the 50m back.

 When the National results were announced it was revealed that Devon had achieved an outstanding place in the National table.  It may be invidious to mention individual swimmers especially as with the 10 year age bands, many swimmers were competing against far younger competitors. However the Devon team did have their fare share of national podium places. 

Swimmers managing to take number one spot in their events were: Tegan Drew in the 18yrs + free and back, Niamh Robinson in the 18yrs+ breaststroke, Levin Veale in the 18yrs + back and Kalon Veale in the 25yrs + back. 

Second place positions were gained by Emma Bickley in the 18yrs + fly, Warren Barrett in the 25 yrs + fly and Sue Haigh in the 65yrs + fly and free.

Third-place positions were taken by  Adam Reed in the 18yrs + fly, Levin Veale in the 18yrs + breaststroke, Rebecca Jenkinson in the 55yrs + back and Shelagh Ratcliffe 65yrs + breaststroke.

Once again Bill Letch achieved a top ten place, despite competing against swimmers thirteen years younger than himself and he was joined by other top ten achievers, Nigel Travers-Griffin, Terry Windeatt, Simon Veale, Kitty Hollingsworth, Rob Will, Alex McCrae James Dawe, Fiona Mullen, Graham Cridland and Emma Challis.

Our relay teams also put in some amazing performances with first place going to the men’s 100+ medley relay (Kalon Veale  Levin Veale  Warren Barrett  James Dawe), the women’s 100+ medley relay (Emma Challis  Niamh Robinson Emma Bickley  Cara Deasy), the mixed 72+ medley relay (Tegan Drew  Niamh Robinson  Emma Bickley  Ellie Marquardt), the men’s 72+ medley relay ( Kalon Veale  Levin Veale  Adam Reed  James Dawe), the mixed 260+ freestyle relay (Bill Letch  Rebecca Jenkinson  Sue Walker  Simon Veale ) the women’s 72+ freestyle relay ( Tegan Drew  Niamh Robinson  Emma Bickley  Ellie Marquardt) the men’s 72+ freestyle relay (James Dawe  Joel Kight  Levin Veale  Adam Reed ) and the mixed 280+ freestyle relay (Shelagh Ratcliffe  Terry Windeatt  Sue Walker  Bill Letch)

Second place position was taken by the 100+ men’s freestyle relay (Joel Knight  Kalon Veale  Levin Veale  Warren Barrett) and the  men’s 140+ freestyle relay ( Tom Hughes  Nigel Travers-Griffin  Warren Barrett  Kalon Veale )
All in all it was a fantastic performance from a very strong Devon team.

The team’s grateful thanks go to our two travelling officials Karen Adams and Gareth Cowell.

Swim England Masters Inter County Competition

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