Developments and Sprints 2018

Saturday 23rd June updated to correct times on 14/06/18
Firstly my apologies for the delay, my fault.
I have attached the warm ups for Developments and Sprints and club help for the first weekend.
I have also attached the volunteer register and coaches passes sheets. Please complete and send to me as i do not have copies of any from earlier in the year all by Friday lunchtime latest please.
Please be aware that following the Devon championships and some of the problems that arose with swimmers ignoring the volunteer marshals and the attitude from some swimmers there has been a change to the warm up and swim down pool cover.
Club coaches are responsible for their swimmers and compliance to the rules and following announcers instructions during the warm up.
Club coaches team managers are now responsible for their swimmers at all times whilst using the warm down pool. If a clubs swimmers are using the warm down pool then there must be a club coach/team manager present controlling the swimmers. If any clubs swimmers are found to be in the warm down pool with out a club coach/team manager present then that club will be barred from using the pool for the rest of that day.
Clubs are all allowed one extra pass to help cover at no charge.
The pools will be spot checked during the day to ensure compliance.
Derek Wyatt
Swimming Secretary.

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