Devon County ASA 2018 County Conditions, meet program, para consideration times, entry forms

Hi all

I am attaching the Devon County ASA 2018 County Conditions, meet program, Hy Tek file, para consideration times, entry forms and converted times notification sheet which will need to be returned to me with your entries showing which entry times have been converted.

Please read the conditions carefully and display for all to see so they are fully aware of entry requirements.  I shall be rejecting any incorrect entry,sending back for all your entries to be checked, then resubmitted to me before they are excepted.

The distance (800/1500m) entry times shown are long course.

2018 Programme

2018 Championship Conditions

2018 Championship Qualifying Times

Converted Times Notification Sheet

Devon 2018 Para Consideration times

Mens 2018 entry form

Womens 2018 Entry Form

Devon County Champs 2018 Hy Tek File



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