Month: October 2018

Hy Tek files for the Devon county championships/ age groups and the distance events

I have attached the Hy Tek files for the Devon county championships/ age groups and the distance events.

The closing date for all entries are 10th December any entries received after this date will be rejected. Please make sure all parents are aware of this and also all entries must come from your club I will not except individual entries.

I do not wish to reject any entries so please make sure that I receive all the correct information required for entry into competitions.

It is the clubs responsibility to check all entries and make sure they conform to the Devon County Conditions which you all have incorrect entries will be sent back to you and not processed.



Devon ASA Talent Camp

The final talent skills camp took part at Mount Kelly on the 14thOctober 2018. The selected swimmers have come from clubs across the county and have been selected from those 11 year old swimmers that performed well at this year’s championships, in total 12 clubs were represented. The talent camps are a combination of pool and gym sessions as well as a classroom session and are targeted at enhancing and improving swimming skills as well as making new friends.

The gym sessions were led by Alicia Parsons, one of the skills coaches, and focussed on exercises that would be useful to swimmers in the pools. On the final day the two pool sessions were based on skills for butterfly and breaststroke and as on the other two days focussed around streamlining, body position, underwater skills and transition into the stroke. Although as always there was time for some very exciting and competitive relays at the end of the second session.

The subject of the classroom session was Nutrition and its impact on growth, health and exercise. This was presented by Dominic Woolridge a senior swimmer from Exeter Swimming club who is also a medical student who was able to provide information from several points of view and it was good to see the young swimmers become so involved with the discussion.

It was clear to see some definite improvements in the swimmers especially in there underwater work between the first session in April and the last one in October which was very much the ethos behind all the camps. All the swimmers took an active part in the pool, gym and class room sessions and it was good to see so many young athletes obviously enjoying learning about new things. The Head Coach, Neil Shire would like to pass on special thanks to the skills coaches – David Dennis (Okehampton) , Neil West (Torquay) , Alicia Parsons (Plymouth) , Louis Joyce(Exeter) and John Bishop (Exeter) as well as the Team Managers – Emma Doulton (Plymouth) and Clare Hatherley (Exeter) who made the days run smoothly. A big thanks also to Karen Adams (Okehampton) who did the organisation for the camps.

Neil Shire

Devon County Championships & Age Groups 2019

I must apologies for the rushed publication of the Devon 2019 information, as many of you are aware this has proven once more to be incorrect and caused  concern for clubs and swimmers alike.
To confirm there will be 50m age group  finals in all strokes at next years Devon County Championships and Age group events. I have updated the programme of events below and the new files will be sent to clubs shortly.
The updated Conditions will be posted shortly.
As many of you are already aware there are some changes to next years programme.
Firstly we have introduced the 800m for Boys and 1500m for girls events. Boys and girls will swim at the same time in the distance events results being separated afterwards.
There will only be Championship finals in the 200m events.
The programme of events is attached for you and all finals for the day are included in the afternoon session.
Entry times have not been altered for the 2019 season.
The conditions have been updated, please read carefully.

Devon 2019 Programme of events

2019 Championship Qualifying Times