Month: December 2017

Coach and Volunteer Helper Forms

Please find below the final wording for updates for next years conditions, apologies to all for this long process.
Also below are the coaches passes application forms and Volunteers sheet. Please send all completed versions  of these to Derek Wyatt 

Masters/Senior 2018 Programme of Events and Entry Information

Each event will be swum Senior Ladies, Senior Men, Masters Ladies, and Masters Men

Both the100m IM and 200m Freestyle will be swum as mixed events.

Order of Events

                             100m Freestyle Event 1,2,3,4

                              50m Breaststroke Event 5,6,7,8

                             100m Butterfly Event 9,10,11,12

                              50m Backstroke Event 13,14,15,16

                             100m IM Mixed   Senior Ladies/Senior Men, Masters Ladies/Masters Men Event 17, 18


                             50m Freestyle Event 19,20,21,22

                            100m Backstroke Event 23,24,25,26

                              50m Butterfly Event 27,28,29,30

                             100m Breaststroke Event 31,32,33,34

                             200m Freestyle Mixed (as above) Event 35, 36

Relay Events These events are run as a fun participation event and will be swum at the end of the meet. There are no age groups and events will be swum as

                            200m Men Relay

                        200m Ladies Relay

                        200m Freestyle Mixed (2 of each Sex)

                        200m Men Medley Relay

                           200m Ladies Medley Relay

                        200m Freestyle Mixed (2 of each age Sex)

Please read the Devon County Masters/Senior Conditions for entry into this event.

All entries must come via a club, on a Hytek file, no individual entries will be excepted.

Closing Date 1st June 2018

 Meet Events-Devon County Seniors Gala 2018-01Jul2018-001

Meet Events-Devon County Masters Gala 2018-01Jul2018-001

Entry Form Masters 2018

Entry Form Seniors 2018

Devon County 2018 Qualifying Times/Programme of events

Hi Everyone

It is now December and there is something happening on the 25th? so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you all for all the help and support you have given to me over the year with out you all, our competitions would not happen.

We are on the run up to the closing date  for the Championships and Age Groups which is the 9th December. Please can you read the Devon County Conditions and make sure that all your entries comply with them. It clearly states which set of conversion tables should be used when converting 50m events to 25m a link is there for you.

Any entries rejected by the ASA Rankings will be sent back and the whole of your entries will need to be checked by you, and will not be entered until I receive your corrected file with no errors.

Dont forget to let Kathy Forward have the names of your officials.

Many Thanks