Author: Jeanette Stoneman

Devon Relay Information

I am attaching the information for the Devon County Relay Gala.

This will be run long course again this year with warm up starting at 5pm. Closing date 20th February 2019

Entry into this event will be £15 for each event entered.

The first two events on the programme will be the male and female school teams so please encourage your schools to take part.

Please read the relay conditions which can be found in the full Devon County Conditions.



Copy of Relay List 2019

Relay Gala Declaration 2019

Programme of events Relay 2019

Meet Events-Devon County ASA Relay Gala 2019-

Devon County Meeting

There will be a short information briefing taking place at the Plymouth Life Centre on 9th February at 12pm. (room to be announced)

This meeting is for a committee representative from each club to attend where I shall be giving information regarding the structure of County Swimming Competitions it is not intended for coaches or team managers.

Each Club representative will be expected to feed this information back to their committee.



Inter-Club information

I am attaching the information for the Devon County ASA 2019 Inter-Club including the Hy Tek file

Please make sure you read the Inter-Club conditions which can be found in the full set of Devon County conditions previously sent to you.

All forms returned to me by the date stated on each section.

Age as of 31/12/2019  Times achieved from 1st March 2018.

The competition will be run as last year.

Warm up will start at 2pm

Parade  2.50 pm your team captains at marshaling area by 2.45pm

Competition start time 3pm

Spectators seating will be free again with no reserved seating

No programmes will be on sale until 2pm.

Just a reminder payment of £60 for team entry into this competition must be paid by the closing date 23rd February 2019



Inter-club Changes to Team List 2019

Inter-Club Female Team list 2019

Meet Events-Devon County Inter-Club 2019-

Inter club relay declaration form 2019

Inter-Club programme of events 2019

Inter-Club Boys Team list 2019

Inter-Club Female Team list 2019

On Day replacement Swimmer Inter-Club 2019

Inter-Club Relay Gala List 2019