Author: Karen Adams

Completion of Judge 1 training

Important information for all current judge 1 trainee swimming officials who started their training before 31st May 2019.

 Swim England has stated that all judge 1 trainees must complete their training by 30th June 2020 as they are moving to a new online system.

 If this applies to you, please can you urgently contact Mel Jeynes and Esther Rookes (their emails are on the Devon swimming committee page) to confirm that either:

 A. You want to complete your judge 1 training – please include a scanned copy of your competency sign off page.

B. You don’t want to complete your judge training at this time.

 Please include your name, club and Swim England number.

 We want to help you achieve your judge 1 qualification.



Bursaries for teaching and coaching training courses
Please ensure that all claims for bursaries for teaching and coaching courses attended during the year ending 31.3.2019 are sent to the county treasurer ASAP and no later than 17th March