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April 16, 2016


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New Championship trophies for Devon

John Bird

Devon County President Mrs Sue Haigh receives a new trophy from Mr John Bird (pictured left) to commemorate his year as ASA National President. The cup will be presented for the first time in 2017 to the Junior Mens 200m butterfly winner.


Who won the silver!

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Record card

Disability swim

Well done to William Letch of Exmouth - winner of the 50 Fly at the National Masters

William Letch

Presented by John Bird - National ASA President

A big thank you to Bob Jarman

At the last round of the Development Meets this year Devon County President Sue Haigh and  County Referee Dave Avery joined forces to present Bob Jarman with an award to congratulate him on his achievements and to personally thank him for his long and dedicated service to swimming. Both spoke of having experienced help and encouragement from Bob over the years. The President spoke of his support and motivation to herself and other younger swimmers in the 1960s and later on when swimming as a master. Dave Avery told of Bob's generous mentoring of him and others as an official over many, many years.

Bob became a member of Newton Abbot Swimming Club at five years old going on to swim competitively as a youngster and play water polo and latterly to compete in Masters events. He also taught and coached within his club for many years and also helped out other organisations such as the Sea Scouts. 

Bob Jarmin

Bob Jarman pictured here on the right with John Bird

In the early 70s with his three children members of the club, he started on the qualification ladder as a teacher, coach and then as an ASA tutor. Many of the present teachers in Devon first learnt their trade from Bob.

As a coach, Bob had he had his own very successful swim squad (Bob’s mob!) training at Dawlish during the late 70's and early 80s.

As an official Bob is second to none.  He has, over the years, officiated for Devon, Regional, National and International events as well as finding time for to officiate at little local primary school galas.

Whilst officiating, Bob has the ability to stay calm in any circumstances, most probably because he knows the laws of his sport "inside out,”  so he can always be confident that he had made the correct decision.

Bob has been known to disagree with the decisions of other referees and technical directors at National events and after searching through the rule books they have had to reverse their decisions and agree with Bob!! His knowledge of the ASA handbook is legendary and he uses it well.  Swimmers can be confident that Bob will always argue the point in their favour!

One of the highlights of Bob's officiating career was when he was appointed as a FINA referee and was chosen to officiate at the World Masters Championships in New Zealand. 

In total Bob has been a swimming official for over 50 years, a coach for around 55 years. He was the President of Devon County ASA in 1993 and has been a member of various Devon County and Regional Committees for over 40 years. 

As if this wasn't enough, for many years Bob was the Devon Masters’ representative which brought with it the unenviable job of organising the Masters Inter County team ….. a job that needed his organising skills and one that probably stretched even his ability to stay calm in a crisis (i.e. when a quarter of his team phone on the morning of the event to say that they won’t be able to swim - and the whole team has to be re- arranged!)

Bob has given of his time generously over many years both to the sport in teaching coaching and officiating rolls and has always been willing to help and mentor others. As Dave Avery said at the presentation,  "Bob has been a friend and mentor to me for 39 years” and we know there are numerous swimmers and officials who owe a similar debt of gratitude to Bob for his motivation and help.

In short, Bob has been an inspiration. He has played a pivotal part in Devon County ASA over the years and deserves our thanks for the many, many hours he has devoted to our sport of swimming.

Bob’s comment (had he been asked!!)  would probably have been that he had enjoyed every minute but he would have also said he could never have done all this without the support of his wife Pam. 

Thank you Pam and thank you Bob.

Posted 12 Aug 15